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Wurlitzer Events Bridal Shower

Bridal Showers can be a big responsibility and are an honor to plan.  Let Wurlitzer Events help you plan a bridal shower that is a fun event for everyone and that the Bride to be will remember forever.  There are many venues to host a shower, but Wurlitzer Events offers a chic historical place that your guests will love.  Our events team will help you with planning to make it not so stressful and make the event the best it can be.  We have hosted bridal showers with various themes including a tea party theme, a chocolate theme, and so much more.  See how Wurlitzer Events can help you plan a shower that your Bride dreams of.

“Wurlitzer Events made my bridal shower perfect. My Maid of Honor along with the staff created a
tea party theme which was amazing. The food was amazing too!” – Vicky Keeler, Bridal Shower

Wurlitzer-Events-Neil-Urban-Wedding-Photography 1.png

Bridal Shower Menus

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