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Taking a Knee for a ProposalThis blog is for the guys, those soon to be grooms! Probably the hardest, diverse group to try and grasp their attention! By the time a groom has decided that “she” is the one, they may have already been inundated with hints from his soon to be bride. Rings, venues, music, etc. … are all things that brides start to look at when ‘they” believe that he is the one. The ring is bought, motion is set, now finding the right time to propose will constantly be on your mind. Making your proposal memorable is key! There are all kinds of ways to make your proposal unique, fun and most memorable. You now know that Pinterest is a bride’s best friend during her research into her upcoming wedding, well your friend maybe YouTube. There are all kinds of unique wedding proposals caught on film for you to be inspired by. From inserting yourself into a Disney cartoon, to flash mob scenarios. The one thing, in all of these videos, is that their bride will remember that proposal forever! I always ask my groom for his story! Was he creative with the proposal? What did he do that set him apart? I have heard some very clever proposals, from a 3-hour hide & seek a bit, a clumsy clue game to a sky-writing proposal. She said “yes” to all!

My favorite is when the groom includes her family in the proposal. How can she say no? Well, it’s happened, probably not often, but if you do include her family, your family into the equation, make damn sure of yourself! These “inclusive” proposals tend to be very creative, very emotional and will always play a part in your continuing romance. If you are asking for the most important person in your life, consider answering the most important question in your life, make it worthy of a tremendous gesture. Go out of your way, go further than you even imagine, you have it in you and with a little help and inspiration, you’ll own it!