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Your wedding and COVID-19Don’t put off, putting it off

Should you and your fiancé decide to postpone your wedding, the first people to contact are the ones that are making it happen. Keep in mind that your vendors are small businesses and probably dealing with an influx of calls just like yours, so try to be patient. Your vendors also may be impacted by things like childcare issues as schools across the country close and figuring out how to keep their employees safe and healthy. However, your pros should be understanding of your decision and can help provide additional guidance on next steps, from securing a future date to contacting guests. Some vendors may not be able to even secure your much-needed items at this time as all vendors will be scrambling to arrange and rearrange their inventory for future dates.

Breathe and Let Yourself Grieve

It’s ok to feel disappointed or upset, be mad at the world! There bigger issues we’re facing as a country and as a world! If this pandemic has made us realize one thing; we are a tiny planet and sometimes what one person does, can affect the entire world. Kindness and compassion go a long way and remember, LOVE conquers all! That said, it is also important to acknowledge your feelings and understand that they are valid. Voicing them to your fiancé, your parents or members of your bridal party can help you start to cope. Don’t keep it to yourself! Talk about it, cry about it and then get down to the business of re-planning! Think of things that you dismissed due to time constraints or money. Things you may have been “talked out of”, yet you really wanted. You now have time to take a 2nd look at your original journey.

Celebrate your date anyway!

Even if it’s not the day you had planned, the date will always hold significance. Find a small, but meaningful way to celebrate. Plan a fancy date night, enjoy your favorite bottle of wine and a movie or just take in a beautiful sunset. It will make the day less painful and you can create a wonderful memory instead of a dismal date to remember. However you decide to move forward, face it, embrace it and lock it away. Keep in mind that you will have your day. Mother Nature is always in control, it’s something that we tend to take for granted and sometimes she just makes us realize that we have to answer to her. We are all in this together, be smart, be safe and be patient!

Communicate: The key to success

The easiest and most effective way to relay your message is through your wedding website if you have created one, the Knot and/or WeddingWire can walk you through that process. A message that’s simple, direct-to-the-point is best. Other communication options include sending your guests an email or phoning those that are close to you. Split up the guest list between you, your partner, bridal party or even your family so that calls and emails can start. Most people will be disappointed, however, they will also be understanding. Writing a script to read or improvise upon is good for the many voicemails you will receive. Just remember, you will still be marrying the right person, just a little later and you will have a whole lifetime together. You may also want to consider creating a list of FAQs if you think your guests will have similar questions around travel refunds, hotels, your new date, etc.

Helping hand

If you have a room block at one or many hotels, you may want to reach out to those hotels to see if you can negotiate a full or partial refund on behalf of your guests. Or ask if your new date has any availability and existing reservations can be easily transferred? Taking the burden off of your friends and family will go a long way for those who had made plans to be there. You can tell those that are traveling or just decided to stay after the reception, exactly what to expect.

Work it out
When working with your vendors to reschedule, try to keep an open mind. While your original date may have landed on a Saturday, securing another Saturday later in the year or even the following year, may not be possible. Consider other days of the week like a Monday, Thursday, Friday or Sunday. You’ll have a better chance of securing all of your vendors, and, yes, your guests will still attend!

Wurlitzer Events is doing everything we can to make sure that your wedding day is as special as it can be. If you have any questions about your booked date, contact your Wurlitzer Events Manager